It’s a Mini Festive Party

Mini Festive Celebration One month left before Christmas and I'm so excited. I've already made so many adorable things for our family this festive season with my Epson Ecotank printer and I thought I would share the festive spirit and create a little something for your littles this festive season. You know I have a… Continue reading It’s a Mini Festive Party

Cape Town Passport

I love exploring Cape Town with my daughter. So to celebrate I've created a little travel kiddies passport with enough space to draw a little stamp at each iconic Cape Town landmark. You can download it below Passport Cover Blank pages Just cut out, staple together and enjoy exploring Cape Town.

Our Xavier doll turns 4

I loved playing with my Barbie dolls as a kid. Today, my daughter also has a love for this classic toy. I especially love that the Barbies of today are so diverse and representative of the world we live in. So when Xavier requested a Barbie themed party this year. I was so excited to… Continue reading Our Xavier doll turns 4

Play made easy with Epson

Free paperdoll and dollbox printable Diy for me, is a lifestyle choice. I love making things, it gives me the creative freedom to create something truly unique and best of all it helps with the budget. This has been such an important factor for me this year, especially when Xavier's birthday rolled in, as I… Continue reading Play made easy with Epson

How to organize your cords with labels

Are your cords a jumbled mess and you never know which one is which? Yeah, it's pretty annoying. Here's an easy way to fix that. All you have to do is print out this set of labels on sticker paper. Cut it out and attach to the cords. Snip the ends so it looks like… Continue reading How to organize your cords with labels

My little Paper Dollhouse

I'll be the first to admit I've got a weakness for beautiful dollhouses. I loved making tiny dollhouse furniture from match boxes when I was a child and I've loved rekindling my love for tiny spaces during Lockdown. Dollhouse Tour I've put together a little Paper Dollhouse book that's perfect for car drives, or… Continue reading My little Paper Dollhouse

DIY family & kids games

GAME ON There's never been a better time to dust off those family games, and if you don't have any or you're looking for a few new ideas, I'll be showing you some great ways to upcycle old games and use things around the house to make some new games. Upcycled Jenga I gave my… Continue reading DIY family & kids games

DIY Play Cards for kids

I've been homeschooling Xavier for a month now and everyday is a challenge. Some days I'm winning and some days I'm definitely not. My daughter is only 3 and her attention span is super short. I recently made these play cards for her and it's been such a fun way to keep her entertained while… Continue reading DIY Play Cards for kids

Xavier turns a sweet 3

Our sweet baby girl turned 3 last September. It seems like a lifetime ago with everything that's happening right now. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this little get together for my daughter's birthday. Looking back at the pictures of this day and missing our family and friends, I pray that the world… Continue reading Xavier turns a sweet 3

How to sew piping cord

Piping cord, also known as welting cord, adds an expensive finished look to pillows and upholstery. I used it in one of my previous posts, when I upcycled my daughter's cot mattress into a couch cushion for a pallet couch. I'm new to sewing, and I found piping cord intimidating...until I tried it and found… Continue reading How to sew piping cord