Under the tree with Joel

I’m no photographer. My camera settings are still stuck on auto, but I love to capture special Christmas pictures of my kids. I took these dreamy ones a few weeks ago. Here’s how I put together this little photoshoot for my youngest.

I started off by giving the kids playroom a festive makeover. We had this beautiful Christmas tree that diant have a base. I used some rocks and anchored it into a basket I had. And covered it with a fluffy piece of fabric I had in my fabric draw. I added some cute red and white decorations and ribbon to the tree and dressed the bottom up with foil balloons I picked up at China Town and the kids big gift sack from Fancy Parties.

Joel’s outfit I bought last year from Lielie Boo, but it still fits and looks great with his white shirt.

I added some twinkly lights for him to play with and I love the glow the light creates on his face. Also having something to play with, kept him from trying to attack the Christmas tree!

I took a few shots through the fairy lights for some interesting magical effects.

The room is painted a dark colour, so I opened up the curtains to let in the most light, but my best tip was to use a good preset on my pictures after. I used Shante Huttons Hyggae presets.

Nothing beats a good professional photographers pictures, but being able to take cute pics of my kids at home means I can capture more moments. My photography skills have come a long way since my daughter was born but practice has helped to improve my eye and the quality of pictures I take. As the official memory keeper of my family these pictures bring me so much joy.

Until next time…