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A Halloween Boo Camp

When the little monster in your life is acting ghoulish, maybe it’s time to send them off to Boo Camp!

If you’re looking for a little Halloween inspiration, and something ghoulishly fun to do with the kids? Why not try a Boo Camp! Here’s how I put together this monstrously easy camp for Xav last year.

I got out Xav’s tent, some plush & sparkly blankets, cushions & throws, but what really pulled this all together were the decorations Fancy Parties sent us. There were so many cute pieces from treat bags, to bat balloons. Here’s a list of everything I used to create this set up:

Balloon arch
Boo Balloon Sign
Bat Balloon
Paper Plates
Paper Cups
Treat bags
Ghost Serviettes

Click here to have a look at it on the Fancy Parties website.

No Boo Camp would be complete without some sweet treats & Halloween themed snacks. Here’s what I made:

Mummy Pastry Wraps

I wrapped some viennas with strips of bread and popped them in the Airfryer. I added candy eyes when they were done and the results are the cutest little Mummy Treats.

Sweet Pumpkin Fruit

I simply peeled a naartjie and added a strip of cucumber

Dracula Stacks

I simply added candy eyes & teeth to a stack of store bought mini flapjacks.

Monster Muffins

I gave some bran muffins a monstrous makeover with candy eyes and a candy mouth.

Boo Camp was loads of fun and we can’t wait to have one this year!

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