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Diy Tooth Fairy Starter Kit

My daughter lost her first tooth recently and this mama was not prepared. I mean she’s only 5! I thought I only had to start thinking about this when she turns 6! I was caught so off guard, I nearly rushed her to the dentist thinking she chipped her tooth!

Nope, my baby is a big girl now and my mama heart is hyperventilating straight into a new level of this parenting game.

Why does every big milestone leave me feeling proud, but also a little like I had the wind knocked out of me? Watching my kids grow is a beautiful kind of sadness. I love seeing where they’re headed and the people they’re becoming, but I also ache to hold onto who they were and keep them little forever.

Xav’s Tooth Fairy needed a few days to put together a special first tooth surprise for her. She was caught off guard too 😉

The Tooth Fairy brought her a whole bunch of Tooth Fairy merch to keep her teeth in tip top condition. I think they must have a Cricut machine or two up in Fairy Land. I recognise a fellow Cricuters work. Xav also got a few bucks and a special bonus because it was her first tooth. The tooth fairy wrote her a little letter and her favourite surprise was the tiny fairy house she found setup on her wall. Now the Tooth Fairy can check up on her and see if she’s really taking care of her teeth.

This is what was inside Xav’s First Tooth Basket:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Travel bag
  • Mouthwash
  • Lipbalm
  • Tooth Pillow for future teeth
  • A Letter
  • Money & A Receipt
  • A Little Fairy House

Now if I were the tooth fairy and I’m totally not, this is how I would make all these cool tooth fairy merch.

I would open up Cricut Design Space and look for a cute tooth fairy design and put together some tooth fairy branding. Then I’d use the print and cut feature to cut a backing for the Toothbrush and Lipbalm. I’d cut a toothpaste box and some print and cut stickers for the bag, mouthwash and the tooth fairy house.

I would paint a little piece of wood and glue it to the house as a door. I would use some Jenga blocks, dollhouse plants and mat to decorate the stoep (porch).

The tooth fairy pouch I’d cut with my Cricut out of felt. I’m pretty sure I spotted this project on Design Space.

I’d also print and cut a little note and envelope to finish it all off.

Now I’m no tooth fairy, but I think this should be a quick little project. One thing I know for sure is that my daughter absolutely adored her First Tooth Kit from her Tooth Fairy!

Do you have any fun traditions you do when your kid loses a tooth?

Until next time….