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The Swing Makeover

Growing up, primary colours and play sets went together like PB & J. These days we’ve learnt that kids play things don’t have to be an ugly eyesore in our garden. They can be bright, they can be monochrome, they can be anything we like. It is possible that a kids playset be both fun and beautiful. Here’s how I gave an old swing set a modern makeover that my kids…and I, love.

When my daughter turned 1, I wanted to get her something special. Hubby and I decided on a swing set. It was the beginning of the creation of her own private little park. The next year she got a slide, then a trampoline and so on.

The swing set gave her hours of fun and she still loves it, but the elements have not been kind to it. The wind has completely smashed the swings and two trees have fallen on it, on two different occasions. What’s the chances of that happening? Well, apparently in my neighbourhood, pretty good! This poor swing set was in dire need of some TLC.

Then like the sun peeking through on a cloudy day, Builders approached me to work on a craft campaign. It was the perfect excuse to revamp this eye sore of a swing set.

The whole family getting ready for some diy

The Plan

The swings, of the old swing set were just about completely ruined and I knew I would have to make a swing from scratch. We also had a new member to our family, baby Joel. He would most definately be using the swing set, so a baby swing was a top priority. The Builder’s campaign was all about crafting, so I needed to put a creative spin on this diy. I headed off to my local Builders to pick up a few things. All the supplies I used for this project including the material came from my local Builders!

The Framework

The frame had been through a lot, but it was still solid. I took it apart, then sanded it down.

I applied a steel primer. I used Dulux Steel Primer. I let that dry overnight and reassembled the frame.

I painted it in a high gloss enamel paint. I used the Plascon Doors and Trim High Gloss Enamel. This method was based on the swing makeover on the Builder’s website. You can click here to see it.

This was definitly a project for the whole family and Xavier helped paint the swing set too. That’s really one of my favourite parts of diy’ing with my kids, they get involved. They are part of the creation. They can see the work that goes into making something. I think it makes them appreciate their toys so much more. When we diy together, we create more than just the finished products. We create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Baby Swing

I created a gorgeous swing for my little one from scratch! I can’t believe I made this. It’s so adorable and my son loves it! I based my design on this one from Owlipop Diy. You can find a link to her video here. You’ll find the measurements there as well. I changed a few things and I upcycled a drop sheet to make this swing. Read on to find out how I did it.

These are the supplies I picked up from Builders for the baby swing

  • A Canvas drop sheet
  • Black fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • A Dowel
  • Rope
  • 2 Carabina clips

As well as some beads and cotton.

These are the tools I used: a drill, sand paper, saw, scissors and a sewing machine.

The first thing I did was to prepare the drop cloth for sewing. Canvas drop clothes, make an amazing cost effective alternative to buying fabric, but it has to be properly prepared, as canvas will shrink when you wash it.

All you have to do to prepare a canvas drop cloth to sew, is to wash it. I put it on a cotton cycle with heat. Once dry I ironed it and cut my pattern.

I then used some fabric paint to paint little dots onto the fabric. I love the effect. once the fabric paint dried, I ironed the material on the reverse side.

I sewed the pieces together as per the video.

Cut my dowels to size. I then used my drill to make holes in the dowels as well as to make the holes of the beads a little larger so that I could feed the rope through it. I put everything together and the result is this adorable baby swing!

The Kid’s Swing

My initial plan was just to make an easy rope swing with a wooden seat. Then I saw how cute the baby swing turned out and I just had to up my game.

I started off by cutting 2 pieces of scrap wood for the seat. I used wood glue to glue the two pieces together. I drilled a hole in each corner of the swing, then used the seat as a template to create a pattern. I used a fabric pen, to trace around the base of the swing. Then added the width of the seat to the rectangle I had just traced. Along the length of one side, I added a scalloped trim. The scalloped trim was created with the round edge of a small glass. I then had my pattern. I added a seam allowance and cut it in double. I cut holes where the rope would go through and added some foam for added comfort. I sewed everything together, then added the fabric paint dots.

Once the Fabric paint was dry, I ironed it on the reverse side. I then got to add the fun stuff like the rope, caribina clips and beads. The swing was all done and looking great!

This has definitely been one of my favourite projects. It proves you can create something amazing with a little patience and a little imagination.

Until the next project….

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