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She’s Young, Wild & 5

My sassy little wild child turned 5 while we were away at Sun City for a family vacation. I couldn’t throw her the party I wanted, but I tried my best to make her birthday special. She had a blast and everything was so pretty.

So read on for an easy to throw together birthday party, that fits into your suitcase. This one is full of diy and quick setups. Enjoy!


This year’s theme, was inspired by this gorgeous printed material I picked up. We were going to be at Sun City for the week, so something that blended well with our surroundings, made sense. So young, wild & 5 it was!


My mom and I have been making Xavier’s birthday dresses since her first birthday. Its become a sort of tradition. This year my mom convinced me to get in a dress maker. I was in hospital, while the dress was being made and the pictures, I got sent were horrifying. I did a lot of micro managing from hospital, but the next draft I saw of that dress, was absolutely stunning. The dress isn’t perfect, and my mom and I made some small changes, but its definitely the showstopper I wanted for Xav.

The dress comprises of a skirt with a train, that ties at the front, a top as well as some cute armbands. I paired it with some tights I got from Cotton On Kids.  The concept behind my design, was to create this showstopper outfit, that made my kid feel like a queen, but was practical enough for a busy family on vacation. The skirt could be easily removed and stuffed into a backpack, and then Xav could play.

We also made a matching mask. I cut the material, using my Cricut Maker and my mom sewed it together.

I diy’ed the easiest goddess crown. I simply added some cable ties to an Alice band and hubby spray painted it gold.It created a truly dramatic headpiece, that I paired with a leopard print band, for that queen of the jungle look.

I also made Xav a tee, that reads, Young, Wild & 5 using my Cricut Maker. She put this on, after her party to go exploring.


Choosing party decor for this celebration was really tricky. We would be flying up to Sun City and I didn’t want to take up too much space in our luggage.

Fancy Parties came to the rescue and sent us some gorgeous decorations that all fit into an A4 folder, I could carry with me on the flight.

Here’s what they sent me

  • Giant 5 Foil Balloon
  • Leaf Garland
  • Happy Birthday Garland
  • Cake Toppers
  • Fairy Lights
  • Gold Rimmed Paper Plates
  • Leaf Napkins

I used these to decorate a white wall in the apartment we were staying in. It looked so pretty!!!

I also made a few things. I designed and printed out some placemats and bottle labels. I got hubby to spray paint some animal figurines gold ( I couldn’t use spray paint while pregnant). These added a nice little touch to the wild theme and gave Xav something to play with on our trip.


I love creating unique party packs, so I used my Cricut Maker to design a pattern and cut it out of some left over fabric from Xavier’s dress. I sewed it together to create small gift bags and added each of Xav’s cousins names on them in Cricut gold Iron On.

I filled the party packs with a small treats, like chips, chocolate, a lollipop, and skittles. It worked out so well. The kids took their treats with during that day’s adventures and the bags were useful to store little items, like earphones, or in Xavier’s case, all her tickets and tokens from the game arcade!


Is it even a party if The Frosted Raspberry didn’t bake cookies! Once again she knocked it out of the park and created some pretty cookies and a beautiful cake topper for Xav. I carried these babies in a box across the country and they held up pretty nicely!

We took a drive to the Woolworths in Rustenberg to pick up a cake or 2. I added some cake toppers  from Fancy Parties and the cookie toppers from The Frosted Raspberry to create a gorgeous birthday cake for Xavier. The smaller cake I added a birthday candle and a cookie.

I was completely obsessed with those leaf napkins, I used them everywhere! I created some height for the cake by tuning a fruit bowl upside down and setting the cake on a plate onto of it.

The whole family celebrated together with a big birthday breakfast, followed by cake, which we ended up eating for the next few days!

Here’s a list of some of the venders I used to make this little celebration on the go possible.

Decorations from Fancy Parties (gifted)

Cookies from The Frosted Raspberry

Cake from Woolworths

Diy tee /bags/ labels made with my Cricut Maker #brandambassador

And just like that she’s 5 and the party is done. It was a wild celebration. One we’ll always remember!