A Mommy & Me Valentine’s Day Playdate

The arrival of a new baby, meant a lot of big feelings for our 5 year old daughter. I’ve been trying my best to give her the attention she needs, but its hard with a tiny little baby that physically needs me all the time.

In an attempt to spend a little more time with Xav, I recently set up a little mommy and me playdate…and since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, it just had to be themed for my little love.

I picked up some cupcakes and decorated Xav’s playhouse with some pretty decorations from Fancy Parties. We put on our prettiest dresses and spent the afternoon together.

Here’s how I put this cute and easy playdate together.

As a mom with a newborn, this setup had to be quick and easy, and the easiest thing to do was to reuse some of our Christmas decor items. Xav’s Christmas tree was already red and pink and filled with heart shaped ornaments, so I kept those and draped a piece of sequence material around it to change things up a bit.

We made a pink gingerbread house for Christmas, so I just reused that as is. We got our diy gingerbread house kit from The Frosted Raspberry.

Fancy Parties sent us some pretty Valentine’s Day decorations which I used around the playhouse.

Here are the pieces I used to create this look. I’ve included links to the items I used.

Xav loved this little date. She stuffed her face with cupcakes & chocolate and chatted away. I told her she had the most beautiful heart and she told me she loved me.

There is something so special about the way our kids love. I’m so glad I had this little date to show my daughter how much I love her and to appreciate the way she loves me.

I get to love you, it’s the best thing that I’ll ever do

from the song ‘I get to love you’ by Ruelle