It’s a Mini Festive Party

Mini Festive Celebration

One month left before Christmas and I’m so excited. I’ve already made so many adorable things for our family this festive season with my Epson Ecotank printer and I thought I would share the festive spirit and create a little something for your littles this festive season.

You know I have a weakness for dollhouse miniatures and it just wouldn’t be festive without the dolls getting into the festive spirit, so I’ve creative the most adorable printable mini festive party set!

It includes:
2 mini gift boxes that can be filled with a treat for your little one
2 gift tags
2 cards
4 placemats
4 plates

Everything you need to get the dolls and your little ones into the festive spirit and ready for a visit from Santa and Rudolf!

Simply print on cardstock on your Epson printer, cut it out and play. This also makes a great little decoration on a shelf or a welcome gift for when the elves arrive!

You can download the mini festive set here