Play made easy with Epson

Free paperdoll and dollbox printable

Diy for me, is a lifestyle choice. I love making things, it gives me the creative freedom to create something truly unique and best of all it helps with the budget. This has been such an important factor for me this year, especially when Xavier’s birthday rolled in, as I was newly retrenched and didn’t have the budget I usually did for her birthday party. I still wanted to give her an unforgettable experience, so diy was the way to go.

This year’s party was gorgeous and the most cost effective one yet. The only things I spent money on was the cake and cookies, some balloons from China Town, a box, wrapping paper, paper plates, some card stock, and about R100’s worth of material. With that, I created a photobooth, Balloon arch, a 6 piece capsule wardrobe and for everything else I used my Epson Ecotank.

I designed some party decor and printed it out on cardstock using my Epson Ecotank. Everything from cupcake holders, bunting, cookie boxes, placemats, bottle labels, signs and more. An entire party’s worth of decor and my ink levels didn’t even move. I love this printer! The best part was that when an unexpected guest came, all I had to do was press print and I had another place setting!

Epson really came through and helped to make Xavier’s Party beautiful and budget friendly and my little girl had such an amazing birthday. Her birthday blog post will be up soon, so watch out for it!

If you loved her party pics on my Instagram and all the pretty dresses my mom and I made. I’ve designed a Xavier paper doll with all her birthday outfits and a little doll box, so your kids can share in her birthday fun!

Download the paper doll here

Download the dollbox here

Assembly Instructions

You will need

  • Printables (best to print it on cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape


To assemble the paperdoll:

Print out the paper doll, preferably on some cardstock

Cut it out and it’s ready to be played with

To assemble the dollbox:

There are 3 pages to the dollbox. It is best to use cardstock for this. The first 2 pages of the pdf is the back and front of the box, so make sure to print both sides of your page. The remaining page has some decorative items for your box.

Cut out the pieces of your box

Cut the tabs

Fold your box

Cut out the doll window

Glue the pink spotty background to the inside of your box

Fold the back pocket and glue into place

Glue the box together

Use tape to close the top and bottom of your box

You’re done! Time to play!

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