DIY family & kids games


There’s never been a better time to dust off those family games, and if you don’t have any or you’re looking for a few new ideas, I’ll be showing you some great ways to upcycle old games and use things around the house to make some new games.

Upcycled Jenga

I gave my old Jenga blocks a new look by sanding them and painting them in some soft pastel colours. I didn’t paint the entire block just one side, but it makes a big difference. Another great idea, if you don’t want to paint them, is to use washi tape. You can even write something on the blocks for the players to do, like make up a dance or try to say a tongue twister.

My daughter loves to play with these blocks and I use them to play some kid friendly educational games with her, like match the colour or pattern. It’s also great to build small structures with.


Letterboards are great for family game night. Divide the letters into consonants and vowels, place in a small box or bag and get each player to choose some letters. Each player has to make a word. The longer the word, the more points they get. Another way to play is to have a player make a part of a word or phrase and the other players take turns trying to fill in the missing letters.

Flash cards

Flash cards are great for family game night, especially if you have little kids. You can play a memory game or deal players cards and try to make pairs. If you want to find out more about how to make these flash cards and more ways to use them, I’ve done a blog post on them.

Some counting flash cards I made.

Some more ideas

  • Stack plastic bottles or cups and try to knock it over with a ball
  • Put a few buckets or boxes in the yard and try to toss a ball or bean bag in
  • Save those baby food lids, paint them and use them as giant checker pieces. You can use masking tape to tape a board on a table or floor
  • Use straws or painted sticks for a game of pick up sticks

I hope you enjoyed these family game night ideas. It’s time for some family fun. Game On!

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