Xavier turns a sweet 3

Our sweet baby girl turned 3 last September. It seems like a lifetime ago with everything that’s happening right now. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this little get together for my daughter’s birthday. Looking back at the pictures of this day and missing our family and friends, I pray that the world will look brighter, healthier and safer when my daughter’s next birthday comes around. While we wait and do our part we can dream about all those celebrations we will oneday share with loved ones. In aid of this hope, I’ll be doing a few blog posts about some DIY parties I’ve done in the past. Maybe you’ll use them sometime in the future, maybe you can use a few ideas to make those Lockdown / Quarantine birthdays a little special. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you use this time to get creative.

Getting back to Xavier’s 3rd birthday… we celebrated with a small get together with family and a few close friends. Even though it was just supposed to be an afternoon cake and tea kind of thing, I still wanted to make the afternoon special for Xavier and create something she would enjoy. So I pulled out all my DIY and crafting skills and got to work to make my daughter a one of a kind party on a budget.

The Invitation

The theme was Xavier’s Bakery and Ice-cream Shop. I did loads of DIY projects to save on the budget and create something special.


I wanted to create a party experience that was centered around the kids, I turned my enlcosed stoep into a shop. I didnt have the usual table display, instead everything on offer for the kids was in easy reach for them with counters at their height. The idea was for the kids to have an epic game of pretend play. So I created a bakery and ice-cream shop, fitted with a kitchen, shop counters, and a table for patrons to enjoy their sweet treats



I ordered some delicious cookies from The Frosted Raspberry. The cookies were made to look like ice-creams, cupcakes and cake, basically everything that was sold in the shop. The kids had a blast ordering these from the shop’s menu and paying for them with the play money I added to each party pack. The Frosted Raspberry also made the most amazing replica of the shop’s logo. I was totally blown away when I saw it.


I ordered these amazing cone cake pops from Cape Bouqcakes. They are cake filled sugar cones with buttercream icing made to look like flowers. The flavours I ordered included lemon, vanilla caramel and chai rose. I used them as centrepieces on the kids table.


I ordered the Cake from Meghan’s Cake Shop. Meghan makes the most amazing cakes and she is my go to baker.


I made a few cupcakes and put them in pretty holders. As for the candyfloss, I put a little candyfloss in cups, added some sprinkles and a straw cut in half.


I set up a little party pack station in one section of the shop. It contained all the goodies for the party packs and the kids could shop for the contents of their party packs. I made little shopping bags and wallets filled with play money. Towards the end of the party the kids would go shopping & make up their own party packs. I put 2 of the older kids in charge of this section. They were the shop keepers and had to make sure all the kids got one of everything on offer.


As savory snacks for the kids I just did a few mini burgers from Woolworths as well as skinny potatoe chips put into individual packets. I packed them on cute little cardboard cake stands.

As for the Adult’s snacks, I ordered a few platters from Checkers and baked a few cakes, such as this sprinkle cake with cream cheese frosting.



I wanted the table to look like a cute little table you might find in a bakery so I used the cone cake pops as ‘flower’ centerpieces. The table runner was made up of a few of my daughter’s tutus with 2 large tiles placed on top of it. The place settings are made up of A4 sheets of coloured paper with plastic square plates I bought at China Town. I added a personalised logo I printed to fit each plate. I included a spoon and fork, as well as these little ice-cream shop boxes I made (original design was bought from the silhouette design store, I then altered it in order to match the other things I had designed for the party) I filled the boxes with sweets and it made for a cute little present for each child.


I created the bakery and ice-cream shop by doing the following:

I created this little awning and had the party logo of a shop window printed in large format at my local Kodak.

I placed the kitchen we built for my daughter a while back into a corner and filled the cupboards with baking supplies including the wooden ‘groceries’ that I also made for her.

I used our window seat as the shop counter.


I dressed up the one of the windows in the room to look like the shop’s window. I printed out the bunting and cut it out and then I used my silhouette cameo cutting machine to cut the logo out of sticker vinyl. I bought this vinyl from my local PNA


I made the bunting by making cones out of craft paper and stuffing it with cotton wool. I then added wool pom poms I made. I strung them all together with wool and it makes for a really cute little party feature.

Photo Wall

I created an easy fun photo wall by hanging different coloured bunting across the wall.



The biggest game the kids played was pretend bakery and ice-cream shop. They had menus, wallets, play money, and lots of sweet treats to fill their shopping bags with, as well as a kitchen to cook all kids of treats in.


I made a few cups of differet colour icing and sprinkles and gave the kids cookies to decorate. The kids loved this.


The kids also had to make their own ice-cream sundae. I put out a bunch of toppings. This was meant for the kids, but the grown ups loved this one too.



After a lot of (last minute) searching, I bought this cute little party dress from Edgars. It fit in perfectly with the colours and was totally budget friendly.


My mom and I made Xavier’s little shop owner outfit. It is 1950’s diner inspired. My mom made the little poodle skirt and I printed the shop logo onto a t-shirt. We paired it with these cute pink takkies that actually have small ice-cream cones on the laces and a sparkly moon bag to hold all those tips. I also made a little name badge, but forgot to put it on.


I also made myself a shop logo t-shirt and paired it with a pink leather skirt I had.


I always like to make a little digital thank you card to send out after the party is done.

I hope you enjoyed this little post on Xavier’s birthday and I hope it inspires you to create a one of a kind party for your little one.

π‘ͺπ’“π’†π’‚π’•π’Šπ’—π’†π’π’š π’šπ’π’–π’“π’”,


(nothing was sponsored or gifted, except some treats that my family brought overπŸ˜‰) These are just some awesome people who made some beautiful things for my daughter’s birthday)

Cookies – The Frosted Raspberry

Cone Cake Pops – Cape Bouqcakes

Cake – Megan’s Cake Shop


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