Dollhouse Makeover

A few years ago on a trip to the UK, I bought Xavier this beautiful pink wooden dollhouse with cute little wooden furniture pieces. I had originally intended to buy a second hand dollhouse that I could renovate, but when I found this one, at a fraction of the cost I would of paid for one at home. I decided to buy it. Xavier loved it. It was a little too pink for my taste, but there was nothing wrong with it to justify a overall. It got a little damaged as we tried to add some vinyl wall art. So I thought that s my chance for a full overhaul.

I decided to do only the inside of the dollhouse as, the outside looked good and went with the decor in my daughter’s room. I started by taking the dollhouse apart, removing the pink layer and painting it white. I let the paint dry overnight.

I reassembled the dollhouse. I changed up the configuration of the dollhouse when I put I together, but you don’t have to.

I printed ‘wallpaper’ for the dollhouse on A4 sheets of card. I used designs in my silhouette studio design library. You can find these designs in the silhouette store.

I used Pritt to stick the paper onto the dollhouse, you could use double sided tape or a glue of your choice. I used Pritt so I could remove the paper later and change things up without too much damage to the paint.

To furnish the space, I used the furniture that came with the dollhouse as well as some pieces I made a while ago.

The dollhouse isn’t complete yet, I still want to make some more decor items and furniture and it needs a kitchen, but I thought I’d share my progress so far. My daughter loves the new look of the dollhouse. The paint job and wallpaper has really made a huge difference to the look and feel of it. What do you think?

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