Pretend Play Travel Set

Get ready to travel the world

The first week of Lockdown is done, but for many of us who have been indoors for much longer, cabin fever is beginning to hit. Its getting harder and harder to keep the kids busy and intereseted. They long to get out and explore the world but are confined to the house.

To help you keep the kids busy and happy, I’ve put together a little freebie for you. Now you can travel the world from the comfort of your living room. All you have to do is download the free Pretend Play Travel set below and print it out.

The set includes a Passport, with space to fill in your childs details. This is great to teach your little their name, and other details. You can also add a photo or draw a picture. There are blank pages where the kids can draw stamps of all the places they will pretend to go.

The set also includes a boarding card, baggage tag, vip card, name tag as well as a boarding sign. The kids can pretend to be a passanger or a bording agent or flight attendant.

Also included in the set is a menu and food tray, so the fun can continue on board.

The entire set can be printed out at home and easily put together. I lamenated everything in the set, so that it can last longer. This step is not neccesary but will ensure the set lasts longer.

Have fun traveling the Goble and let me know if you enjoy this set. Don’t forget to subscibe so you dont miss out on more awesome pretend playsets and other diy content.

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Travel Playset 1 of 5

Travel Playset 2 of 5

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Travel Playset 5 of 5